Building for the future
The Portsmouth Bitcoin Foundry


What is happening in the foundry?


So far, tokens on Bitcoin have been under utilised. The aim is to change that by demonstrating and experimenting with new use cases.


With the emergence of the Lightning Network, so many possibilities have opened up. The foundry exists to demonstrate and share work done to make the most of those opportunities.


Given the high cost of electricity in the UK mining Bitcoin is prohibitively expensive. Or is it? The Portsmouth Bitcoin Foundry has other ideas.


What went before...

Portsmouth Crypto
Education & Promotion
Cold Storage Solutions
Orion Rigs
Mining Rigs and Hosting

Who Am I?

I'm going to ask for your support, so here's who I am:


Matt Baldock

Software Dev, Tea Boy, Shouty Person Etc

Over the last 7 years I've brought the first (and to date only) Bitcoin ATM to Hampshire, run education workshops at private, corporate and public events, created, marketed and sold cold storage solutions, helped people get started with mining, basically, anything I can do to help advance Bitcoin.

I've been privaliged and fortunate to have met and worked with some amazing people in the Bitcoin community over the years and I look forward to being able to continue working with them long in to the future.

To that end, I have a request; Below there will shortly be a list of affiliate links, which, when used will help me generate a small income. In the near future there will also be a new Bitcoin Swag Shop, so keep an eye open.


If you've got a question, why not get in touch?